NEFFA Events - Friday April 21, 2017
Note: This was the listing for the now-concluded 2017 Festival. The events for the 2018 Festival will be put here in February 2018

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Middle School Rm. 103/104
7:00pmTrad. & Contemparary Celtic Music E -- Jordan Cannady (50 min.)
8:00pmBalkan Accordion Treasures E -- Gawain Thomas (50 min.)
9:00pmOld English Music Hall E -- The Old Howard Troupe (50 min.)
10:00pmTraditional Ballad Bingo GB -- Angela Kessler (60 min.)
Middle School Auditorium Stage
7:00pmDigital Mixer Petting Zoo GT -- Dereck Kalish, Dan Pearl (50 min.)
8:00pmFolk Duo E -- Mark Mandeville & Raianne Richards (50 min.)
9:00pmFaroese Ballad Dance GB -- Faroese Dancers (60 min.)
Middle School Rm. 105/106
7:00pmIsraeli Dancing for All DB -- Joan & Jim Savitt (50 min.)
8:00pmLearn to Dance Folk Salsa TB -- Ari Levitt (50 min.)
9:00pmIrish Set Dancing DB -- Eileen Dugal, The Sunny Banks (65 min.)
10:15pmDances Of Quality--ECD DX -- Anna Rain, Pandora (75 min.)
Middle School Dance Hall
7:00pmMaggot Madness English Country Dance DS -- Sam Rotenberg, Phoenix (50 min.)
8:00pmPat's Tradition - English Country Dances DS -- Val Medve, McMarish (50 min.)
9:00pmInternational Folk Dance NS -- Cambridge Folk Orchestra (50 min.)
10:00pmImmigrant Folk Dances DB -- Yaron Shragai, Rakiya (35 min.)
10:45pmBalkan Dancing! NS -- Rakiya (45 min.)
High School Dance Hall
7:00pmDownright Improper Contras DS -- Lynn Ackerson, Roaring Jelly (50 min.)
8:00pmContras: An Unexpected Twist DS -- Angela DeCarlis, Chimney Swift (50 min.)
9:00pmContra Medley NX -- Coracree (20 min.)
9:30pmContra ChestNOTS DS -- Jeremy Korr, Minor Contravention (50 min.)
10:30pmHot Contra Sweet Waltz DS -- Bill Olson, T-Acadie (60 min.)
High School Rm. 125
8:00pmIntro to Contra Dancing DB -- Tony Parkes, JumpStart (65 min.)
9:15pmIntro to English Country Dance DB -- David Millstone, The Mad Katters (65 min.)
10:30pmCajun Dance NS -- OK Bayou (60 min.)
High School Rm. 176
7:00pmErie Canal Songfest G -- Allen Hopkins (50 min.)
8:00pmMiddle Eastern Frame Drumming Workshop TB -- Dave Curry (50 min.)
9:00pmTripping Up the Stairs E -- Ulster Landing (50 min.)
10:00pmRowdy, Rollicking Pub Sing! G -- The King's Busketeers (60 min.)

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