NEFFA Events - Saturday April 22, 2017
Note: This was the listing for the now-concluded 2017 Festival. The events for the 2018 Festival will be put here in February 2018

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Middle School Rm. 103/104
10:00amLever Harp, Traditional & Modern P -- Lark (50 min.)
11:00amRise Again Family Singalong GF -- Annie Patterson & Peter Blood (50 min.)
12:00noonRise Again Singalong Concert GB -- Annie Patterson & Peter Blood (50 min.)
1:00pmJoyous Sibling Harmony E -- The Oshima Brothers (50 min.)
2:00pmGala Scottish Concert E -- Strathspey & Reel Society of NH (50 min.)
3:00pmSongwriters of the Sixties GF -- Trail Mix (50 min.)
4:00pmHow to Play the Rhythm Bones TB -- Stephen Brown & Friends (50 min.)
5:00pmPlaying Bones Around the Country E -- Stephen Brown & Friends (50 min.)
6:00pmTraditional Jug Band Music EF -- KC Moaners (50 min.)
7:00pmFiddle Folk Fusion E -- Maelstrom (50 min.)
8:00pmKitchen Junket E -- Lorraine & Bennett Hammond (50 min.)
9:00pmPotpourri E -- T-Acadie (50 min.)
10:00pmTraditional Irish Music E -- Torrin Ryan & Kyle Forsthoff (60 min.)
Middle School Rm. 119
10:00amBoney was a Warrior C -- Greybeard's Fancy (50 min.)
11:00amThe Scottish Humour E -- Anne Kazlauskas, Ishmael Stefanov-Wagner (50 min.)
12:00noonNew Songs from Old Traditions E -- Fischman, O'Hanlon & Smith (50 min.)
1:00pmBuilding a Contra Dance Band C -- Live Wire (50 min.)
2:00pmChorus Songs Not In English GB -- Lynn Noel (50 min.)
3:00pmAtlanta to Shreveport E -- Howard Stith (50 min.)
4:00pmSea Ballads E -- Sue West & Friends (50 min.)
5:00pmLiving Ghosts: Traditional Songs as Story & History E -- Sarah Underhill (50 min.)
6:00pmRomanian Jam GS -- Ralph Iverson (50 min.)
7:00pmSongs of the Changing Seasons E -- Chuck Hall & Larry Kaplan (50 min.)
8:00pmProgramming a Contra Dance Evening C -- Melanie Axel-Lute, Bob Isaacs (50 min.)
9:00pmHardanger Fiddle E -- Toby Weinberg (60 min.)
Middle School Auditorium Stage
10:00amHammered Dulcimer Concert E -- New England Hammered Dulcimer Players (50 min.)
11:00amSwedish FIddle Workshop: Slangpolska Edition TS -- lydia & Andrea (50 min.)
12:00noonHalf the Notes, Twice the Fun! Jam for All Instruments GS -- Julie Vallimont, Jon Cannon (50 min.)
1:00pmOld Time Southern Dance Music for Beginners TS -- Becky Miller (50 min.)
2:00pmWaltz Melodies Jam Session GS -- Three Quarter Time (50 min.)
3:00pmMusic of Scotland & Cape Breton E -- Boston Scottish Fiddle Orchestra (50 min.)
4:00pmBasque Music Event EF -- Sasi Ardiak (50 min.)
5:00pmThe Piano is a Folk Instrument Too! P -- Sara Banleigh (50 min.)
6:00pmSecond Fiddle Rhythm & Chords GS -- Julie Metcalf, Jon Cannon (50 min.)
7:00pmBlues Guitar - Beyond the Basics TS -- Bill Gregg (50 min.)
8:00pmJug Band Jam GS -- Outrageous Fortune (50 min.)
9:00pmWaltzes mit Shmaltz Jam GB -- Blajini (60 min.)
Middle School Rm. 105/106
10:00amIntro to English Country Dance DB -- Alan Winston, Susie Lorand & Josh Burdick (75 min.)
11:30amIntro to Scottish Country Dancing DB -- Boston Teachers of SCD, Dan Wheatley & Friends (75 min.)
1:00pmCool Russian Dances TS -- Murray & Randi Speigel, Bjelalitsa Chorus (50 min.)
2:00pmA Roros by Any Other Name: Norwegian Dancing NS -- Roroslaget (50 min.)
3:00pmCeilidh Dance Party! DB -- Scott Higgs, The Big Phat American K-Lee Band (50 min.)
4:00pmDances from the Villages of Italy DB -- Italian Village Music and Dance (50 min.)
5:00pm4-part International Dances TS -- Jonathan Young, Blajini (80 min.)
6:30pmFun French Canadian Contras & Squares DB -- Cindy Larock, Les Bijoux Folque Orchestra (50 min.)
7:30pmNorth Atlantic Social Dance DB -- Sharon Weiss, Spaelimenninir (50 min.)
8:30pmBulgarian Dances NS -- Zornitsa (50 min.)
9:30pmIntro to Tribal Belly Dancing DB -- Eve Tribal Belly Dance Company (50 min.)
10:30pmPlayford Dance Party DX -- Tom Roby, Triolet (60 min.)
Middle School Dance Hall
10:00amInternational Folk Dance Party NS -- Panharmonium (50 min.)
11:00amSimultaneous Swing Lessons--Beginner & Intermediate T -- Swing Dance Gang (50 min.)
12:00noonFestival Orchestra English Country Dance DS -- Miriam Newman (50 min.)
1:00pmScottish Country Dancing DS -- Howard Lasnik, The White Cockade (50 min.)
2:00pmContra Medley Prep for Dancers DB -- Lisa Greenleaf, Youth Festival Orchestra (50 min.)
3:00pmMighty Fine Contra Dances from Dean Snipes DS -- Jack Mitchell, Clara & Jamie (50 min.)
4:00pmCutting-Edge Contras DS -- Maia McCormick, Not Enough Fiddles (50 min.)
5:00pmContra Medley NX -- Not Enough Fiddles (20 min.)
5:30pmSlangpolska: Sweden's Latest Dance Trend! DB -- lydia & Andrea (50 min.)
6:30pmWaltz Your Socks Off! Intermediate Workshop TS -- Ari Levitt, Spare Change (50 min.)
7:30pmWaltzing Party NS -- Hot Toddy (50 min.)
8:30pmThe Joy of English DS -- Scott Higgs, Hot Toddy (50 min.)
9:30pmBalkan Joy! NS -- Balkan Fields (50 min.)
10:30pmMoonlight Dancing--International Folk Dance NS -- Shining Moon (60 min.)
High School Dance Hall
10:00amZwiefachers: Waltz & Pivot Fest DS -- Ret Turner, The Mother Zwiefacher Orchestra (50 min.)
11:00amElegant Squares: Lancers at 200 DS -- Tony Parkes, Calliope (50 min.)
12:00noonHelpful Hints Contras DS -- Dereck Kalish, The Mad Katters (50 min.)
1:00pmTriple Minor Contra Heaven DS -- Linda Leslie, Free Association (50 min.)
2:00pmPhilly's Phavorites Pholk Dances NS -- International Folk Sounds (50 min.)
3:00pmBreton Dancing DB -- Alex Bartholomew, Bagad New York (45 min.)
4:00pmBest of Belgium: English Country Dances DS -- Ted Rudofker, Northeast Extension (50 min.)
5:00pmContra Medley NX -- Live Wire (20 min.)
5:30pmFestival Orchestra Contras DS -- Melanie Axel-Lute, Don Veino (80 min.)
7:00pmDare To Be Square! DS -- David Millstone, The Dixie Butterhounds (50 min.)
8:00pmRum & Onions XXXVII DS -- Donna Hunt, Rum & Onions (50 min.)
9:00pmToast of the Town Contras DS -- Sue Rosen, Midnight Toast (50 min.)
10:00pmContra Party! DS -- Ron Blechner, Dan Black, Barefoot (90 min.)
High School Rm. 123
10:00amInternational Folk Dance for All Ages DF -- Marcie Van Cleave (50 min.)
11:00amNew Hampshire Barn Dance DF -- Two Fiddles (50 min.)
12:00noonFamily & Community Dance & Song DF -- Chrissy Fowler, Berlin Country Orchestra (50 min.)
1:00pmIntro to Square Dancing DB -- Dan Pearl, The Dead Sea Squirrels (75 min.)
2:30pmIntro to Contra Dancing DB -- Jacqui Grennan, Dogtown (75 min.)
4:00pmSeated Square Dances DB -- Fred Wersan, Assabet Ramblers (50 min.)
5:00pmMeet the Bagpipes P -- Neal MacMillan (50 min.)
6:00pmColor on Guitar TS -- Dan Hedden (50 min.)
7:00pmRounds Lovely & Lively GB -- Louise Brill & Friends (50 min.)
8:00pmOld Time Fiddle Tune Workshop TS -- Cathy Mason (50 min.)
9:00pmThe Folk Music Revival & Contemporary Singer-Songwriters P -- Wheaton Songwriters (50 min.)
10:00pmNot Quite Bluegrass E -- Highway's End (60 min.)
High School Rm. 125
10:00amIntro to Waltz DB -- Eph Weiss, Linda Bernfeld, John Chambers (75 min.)
11:30amIntro to International Folk Dance DB -- Janet Yeracaris, Shining Moon (75 min.)
1:00pmSwedish Couple Dance NS -- Marilyn Butler & Amy Parker (60 min.)
2:15pmIntro to Argentine Tango DB -- Marc Vanzwoll, Amy & Jonathan Larkin (75 min.)
3:45pmIntro to French Canadian Step Dancing DB -- Cindy Larock; Cindy Larock, & Friends (75 min.)
5:30pmIntro to Rapper Sword Dance TB -- Michael Resnick, Niki Yeracaris (75 min.)
7:00pmTrad Song Swap Party GS -- Nicole Singer (80 min.)
8:30pmUkulele Play Along & Sing Along GB -- Cathy Hatch (50 min.)
9:30pmPub Sing GB -- Jeff Keller (90 min.)
High School Auditorium Stage
10:00amSouth African Songs Workshop GB -- Patty Cuyler (50 min.)
11:00amOpen Sing with FSSGB GB -- Folk Song Society of Greater Boston (50 min.)
12:00noonNorumbega Tunebook Singing GS -- Norumbega Harmony (50 min.)
1:00pmGospel Sing GB -- October's Dream (65 min.)
2:15pmDance Performances E -- Germantown Country Dancers; Origins Folkloric Dance Company; Triveni Dancers; Scandinavian Folkdancers of Omaha; Trade Route Tribal Dance; Chinese Folk Art Workshop; Krakowiak Polish Dancers of Boston, Inc.; Wayside Inn Steppers; Iskwelahang Pilipino; FiddleKicks Cloggers (150 min.)
5:30pmChantey Blast GB -- Mystic Seaport Chantey Singers (50 min.)
6:30pmCeltic Cowboys E -- Tyler, Bill & Bob (50 min.)
7:30pmWorld Harmony Singing EF -- Boston Harmony (50 min.)
8:30pmRoots & Branches E -- Headin' Home (50 min.)
9:30pmIntro to Blues Dance TB -- Ari Levitt (50 min.)
10:30pmBarrel House All Night Blues Dance! NS -- Pete Kraemer & Howard Stith (60 min.)
High School Rm. 117
10:00amFiddling for Dancing! GS -- Jane Rothfield (50 min.)
11:00amFolk Song Performance Technique TS -- Ken Schatz (50 min.)
12:00noonCreative Improvisation GS -- Christine Hedden (50 min.)
1:00pmTrad Songs & Tunes E -- Neal & Joanie (50 min.)
2:00pmClose Harmony Singing for Teens GS -- TeenSing (50 min.)
3:00pmEnglish Concertina: Playing with that... je ne sais quoi TS -- Armand Aromin (50 min.)
4:00pmCollaborative Duo P -- Headin' Home (50 min.)
5:00pmSwing Era Harmony Singing GB -- The Mood Elevators (50 min.)
6:00pmBob Zentz in Concert E -- Bob Zentz (50 min.)
7:00pmIntro to Norwegian Fiddle TS -- Toby Weinberg (50 min.)
8:00pmCrankie Show & Workshop PB -- Julie Vallimont (50 min.)
9:00pmClawhammer Banjo TS -- Jane Rothfield (60 min.)
High School Rm. 176
10:00amScottish Songs, Ballads & Stories E -- Allan Carr (50 min.)
11:00amMcQuillen Tune Slow Jam GS -- Chris Carpenter & Dave Miller (50 min.)
12:00noonInternational Dance Tune Jam GB -- International Music Club (50 min.)
1:00pmFamily Singalong with The CMN GF -- Children's Music Network (New England Region) (50 min.)
2:00pmThe Science of Music TB -- Ralph Iverson (50 min.)
3:00pmLearn To Sing Harmony by Ear TB -- Jan Maier (50 min.)
4:00pmSongs With Boisterous Shouting GS -- Emily Kovatch (50 min.)
5:00pmMusic Hall EF -- David Jones (50 min.)
6:00pmPlaying for Senior Audiences C -- Allen Hopkins, Jan Maier (50 min.)
7:00pmBallads and Banjo Tunes EF -- Ralph Bodington (50 min.)
8:00pmFrench Jam! GB -- Mark Vidor (50 min.)
9:00pmSlow Jam for Popular Contra Tunes GS -- Chris Carpenter & Dave Miller (60 min.)
High School Rm. 177
10:00amClam Chowder & Kangaroos EF -- Jean Schwartz (50 min.)
11:00amCalling Barn & Community Dances C -- Donna Hunt (50 min.)
12:00noonYou Just Don't Understand C -- Scott Higgs, Lisa Greenleaf (50 min.)
1:00pmEnglish Country Dance Tune Jam GS -- Hot Toddy (50 min.)
2:00pmMaking the NEFFA Schedule: How Does It Work? P -- Linda Leslie, Nicole Singer (50 min.)
3:00pmSong Leaders' Session Clinic C -- A Jug of Songs (50 min.)
4:00pmCDSS: The Next 100 Years C -- David Millstone (50 min.)
5:00pmNE Fiddle Tune Jam GS -- South Coast (50 min.)
6:00pmIndie Folk Music: New & Traditional E -- Lizzie No (50 min.)
7:00pmBulgaria & More E -- Zdravets (50 min.)
8:00pmVillains! G -- April Grant (50 min.)
9:00pmLet's Party! Songs of Celebrating E -- Valentine Doyle (50 min.)
10:00pmFunny Songs & Shtick E -- Jackson Gillman (60 min.)
Main Entrance
10:00amMorris and Sword Dancing E -- Banbury Cross Morris, Charles River Rapper, Heartwood Morris, The Points of Etiquette (50 min.)
11:00amMorris and Sword Dancing E -- Great Meadows Morris and Sword, Hart's Brook Garland, Vineyard Swordfish (50 min.)
12:00noonMorris and Sword Dancing E -- Ladies of the Rolling Pin, Still River Sword, Thornden Morris (50 min.)
1:00pmMorris and Sword Dancing E -- Canterbury Morris, Great Meadows Morris and Sowrd, Red Herring Morris (50 min.)
2:00pmMorris and Sword Dancing E -- Bassett St. Hounds, Half Moon Sword, Muddy River Morris (50 min.)
3:00pmMorris and Sword Dancing E -- Jack in the Green Morris, New Haven Morris and Sword, No Apologies Rapper (50 min.)
4:00pmMorris and Sword Dancing E -- Firebird, Pinewoods Morris Men, Ring O' Bells Morris (50 min.)
5:00pmMorris and Sword Dancing E -- Ha'Penny Morris, Stick'n the Mist (60 min.)

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