NEFFA Events - Sunday April 23, 2017
Note: This was the listing for the now-concluded 2017 Festival. The events for the 2018 Festival will be put here in February 2018

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Middle School Rm. 103/104
10:00amHammered & Mountain Dulcimer Duets EF -- Barb Levine, Lucy Joan Sollogub (50 min.)
11:00amShort Sharp Show: Songs & Tunes from Cecil Sharp's Collections E -- Alex Cumming (50 min.)
12:00noonKlezmer Jam GB -- Shver un Shviger (50 min.)
1:00pmWorld Music E -- Maunder Trio (50 min.)
2:00pmIn the Merry Month of May: Songs of the Seasons EF -- The Vox Hunters (50 min.)
3:00pmBallads and Songs EF -- David Jones (50 min.)
4:00pmSevdah! E -- Gogofski (90 min.)
Middle School Auditorium Stage
10:00amSongs of Road & Rail E -- Steve Suffet (50 min.)
11:00amShare a Schottische Jam GS -- Gypsy Minor (50 min.)
12:00noonWoody Guthrie Jam GS -- Steve Suffet (50 min.)
1:00pmMarxophone & More E -- Katherine Rhoda (50 min.)
2:00pmHonky-Tonk Sing Along GB -- Planet Banjo (50 min.)
3:00pmPlaying Creatively for English Country Dance GS -- Vince O'Donnell, Kathy Talvitie (50 min.)
4:00pmClosing Sing-Around G -- Allen Hopkins (90 min.)
Middle School Rm. 105/106
10:00amIntro to English Country Dancing DB -- Sue Rosen, Bruce Rosen & Nora Smith (65 min.)
11:15amGavotte de l'Aven: Dances from Brittany DB -- Pardon My French (65 min.)
12:30pmWalking to the Rhythm of a Balkan Village - International Folk Dance DB -- Chris Ricciotti, Tom Pixton (80 min.)
2:00pmBasque Quadrille Dance Workshop DB -- Jokin Irungaray, Sasi Ardiak (50 min.)
3:00pmCajun Dance Party NS -- Cajun Hobos (50 min.)
4:00pmScottish Country Dancing DX -- Boston Teachers of SCD, Dan Wheatley & Friends (90 min.)
Middle School Dance Hall
10:00amBulgarian Dancing NS -- Zdravets (50 min.)
11:00amWake Up Contras DS -- Frannie Marr, Katy Heine, Sugar River Band (80 min.)
12:30pmIntermediate Swing Dance Lesson TS -- Peggy Leiby & Ret Turner (20 min.)
1:00pmBig Band Swing Dance NS -- The Sound Dunes Swing Ensemble (50 min.)
2:00pmBerance! Macedonian Dances NS -- Gogofski (50 min.)
3:00pmCroatian Dance Party NS -- Pajdashi (50 min.)
4:00pmInternational Dancing for All NS -- Pinewoods Band (90 min.)
High School Dance Hall
10:00amWaltzTime NS -- Julie Metcalf & Friends (50 min.)
11:00amFestive English Dancing DS -- Joanna Reiner Wilkinson; Four Hands, Two Pianos (80 min.)
12:30pmContra Medley NX -- Contrail (20 min.)
1:00pmContras Squared DS -- Bob Isaacs, Raise the Roof (50 min.)
2:00pmEnglish Impropriety DS -- Brooke Friendly, Spare Change (50 min.)
3:00pmContras to Write Home About DS -- Dave Eisenstadter, Reelation (50 min.)
4:00pmFestival Orchestra Contras & Squares Merry Go Round at 4:30pm! DS -- Jeremy Korr, Tony Parkes, Linda Leslie (90 min.)
High School Rm. 123
10:00amCommunity Dance for All Ages DF -- Claire Takemori, JumpStart (50 min.)
11:00amLet's All Contra Dance Together! DF -- Linda Leslie, Fiddle Fancy (50 min.)
12:00noonFamily Dance DF -- Ridge Kennedy, Higher Ground (50 min.)
1:00pmFun Scandinavian Group Dances DF -- Scandinavian Folkdancers of Omaha, Sugar River Band (60 min.)
High School Rm. 125
10:30amIntro to International Folk Dance DB -- Val Medve, International Folk Sounds (75 min.)
12:00noonIntro to Waltz DB -- Tom Roby, Barbara Pixton, Robert Penny (75 min.)
1:30pmClogging for Everyone TB -- Woody Lane, The Dead Sea Squirrels (50 min.)
2:30pmTraditional Norwegian Dancing NS -- Boston Spelemannslag (50 min.)
3:30pmScandinavian Dance Party NS -- Marilyn Butler & Friends (90 min.)
High School Auditorium Stage
10:00amWest Gallery Music GS -- The West Gallery Quire (50 min.)
11:00amShape Note Singing School TB -- Glen Wright & Friends (50 min.)
12:00noonSacred Harp Singing GS -- Norumbega Harmony (50 min.)
1:00pmOpen Shanty Sing GB -- Shantymen All (65 min.)
2:15pmDance Performances E -- Country Dance Society, Boston Centre; Sabaya; Samburis -- Lithuanian Folk Dance Group of Boston; Eve Tribal Belly Dance Company; El Arte Flamenco; Russian Folk Group Samovar; Mladost; El Arte Flamenco; Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, Boston Branch; Mladost (105 min.)
4:15pmBeatles Sing Along GF -- Rocking Horse People (60 min.)
High School Rm. 117
10:00amFrench / Breton Band Workshop GS -- La Troupe des Copains (50 min.)
11:00amNEFFA Annual Meeting-- All Welcome!! -- (50 min.)
12:00noonDoumbek Workshop TB -- Dave Curry (50 min.)
1:00pmIrish Harmonica Workshop TS -- Benedict Gagliardi (50 min.)
2:00pmHow to Play the Irish Bodhran TB -- Jeanne Hansberry (60 min.)
High School Rm. 176
10:00amWhat's So Funny? E -- Mike Agranoff (50 min.)
11:00amCroatian Music Concert E -- Pajdashi (50 min.)
12:00noonBeginning Ukulele TB -- Jacqui Grennan (50 min.)
1:00pmScottish Jam GS -- Sylvia Miskoe, Alan Wilson (50 min.)
2:00pmItalian Music Session GS -- Friends of Italian Music (50 min.)
3:00pmRemembering Phil Ochs Singalong G -- Joel Landy (60 min.)
High School Rm. 177
10:00amResounding Rounds G -- The Rounds Galore & More Singers (50 min.)
11:00amOld Time Gospel Sing GB -- Dallal & Henry (50 min.)
12:00noonMountain Dulcimer Workshop TB -- Lucy Joan Sollogub (50 min.)
1:00pmFunny Song Swap E -- Joel Landy (50 min.)
2:00pmFinger-style Guitar Concert - Trad to New E -- Brian Patricks (50 min.)
3:00pmPower Harmonies GS -- Ken Mattsson, Lynn Noel (60 min.)
Main Entrance
10:00amMorris and Sword Dancing E -- Griggstown Lock Rapper Sword, Orion Longsword, Oxbow Morris (50 min.)
11:00amMorris and Sword Dancing E -- And Sometimes Y, Johnny Jump Ups, Mystic Garland Dancers (50 min.)
12:00noonMorris and Sword Dancing E -- Go Figure, Hop Brook Morris, Juggler Meadow Morris Men (50 min.)
1:00pmMorris and Sword Dancing E -- Catamount Morris, Pipe Dream, On The Border Morris (50 min.)
2:00pmMorris and Sword Dancing E -- Maple Leaf Morris, Rare Earth Morris, Renegade Morris, Wake Robin Morris (50 min.)
3:00pmMorris and Sword Dancing E -- Braintrust Morris, Mulberry Morris, Bubble Rapper, Pokingbrook Morris (150 min.)

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