Yaron Shragai
International/Balkan/Klezmer dance teacher/leader, musician (percussion, recorder, voice, rhythm guitar), bandleader.

Member of: Blajini (also group contact), Chimney Swift, Marnen, Yaron, & Gawain (also group contact), Meraki (also group contact), Yaron Shragai & Lauren Ingram (also group contact), Shver un Shviger, Skorosmrtnica (also group contact)
ERASETHISyaron DOT shra AT gmail DOT com
Appeared at NEFFA 2017:
Contras: An Unexpected TwistDS Friday April 21, 8:00pm to 8:50pm, High School Dance Hall [show on grid]
This session will consist of contra dances which include unusual progressions, movements, or sequences. Come share in the thrill of old moves made new again as we venture into the unexpected.
Immigrant Folk DancesDB Friday April 21, 10:00pm to 10:35pm, Middle School Dance Hall [show on grid]
Learn dances that have emerged in the Armenian, Greek, and other Balkan ethnic communities in the U.S. over the decades! Dance steps from the Old World adapted to music favored by immigrants, dances cross-pollinated among different immigrant communities, and dances whose origins are in the U.S. ethnic communities.
4-part International DancesTS Saturday April 22, 5:00pm to 6:20pm, Middle School Rm. 105/106 [show on grid]
Learn some international dances, each of which have 4 parts, such as Divcibarsko kolo and Belasicko Oro.
Waltzes mit Shmaltz JamGB Saturday April 22, 9:00pm to 10:00pm, Middle School Auditorium Stage [show on grid]
Come play and sing along to familiar, corny, sentimental, and just plain shmaltzy waltzes (and maybe a few other kinds of tune) from the klezmer and international dance repertoire.
Klezmer JamGB Sunday April 23, 12:00noon to 12:50pm, Middle School Rm. 103/104 [show on grid]
Participatory playing of klezmer tunes, all instruments (and vocalists), all levels. Sheet music will be provided, including various klezmer forms: freylekhs, slow hora, bulgar, terkish, Yiddish swing, etc.

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