Anna Rain
Dance Leader; Yoga Instructor; Joy Diviner

Member of: Dread Pirate Rapper (also group contact), Hot Toddy (also group contact), Jack Rose
ERASETHISannarain4 AT gmail DOT com
2406458482 (cell)
4107 Oliver Street
Hyattsville MD 20782-3040
United States
Appeared at NEFFA 2017:
Dances Of Quality--ECDDX Friday April 21, 10:15pm to 11:30pm, Middle School Rm. 105/106 [show on grid]
The nexus of flow and complexity! Bring your focus and your joy; spend them on sumptuous music and exquisite figures. Exceptional English Country Dance for experienced and attentive dancers.
English Country Dance Tune JamGS Saturday April 22, 1:00pm to 1:50pm, High School Rm. 177 [show on grid]
From 1651 to the present, ECD tunes delight us with their variety. Let's play melodies from the spritely to the sumptuous. Requests welcome! All instruments (cellos!) warmly received. Barnes books helpful but not necessary.
Waltzing PartyNS Saturday April 22, 7:30pm to 8:20pm, Middle School Dance Hall [show on grid]
Come spin and glide to varied waltz tunes: line up your favorite partners (including the new favorites you've not met yet!) and surrender to Hot Toddy's beguiling harmonies.
The Joy of EnglishDS Saturday April 22, 8:30pm to 9:20pm, Middle School Dance Hall [show on grid]
We will enjoy a sparkling assortment of English dance favorites, old and new, and revel in the beautiful music of Anna Rain, Melissa Running, and Edith Coakley Stowe - Hot Toddy!

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