Jon Cannon
Fiddler-of-all-trades and occasional singer, with experience in klezmer, contra, Romanian, jazz, and sea chanties.

Member of: Cardinal Direction (also group contact), Forks of Nature (also group contact), Frontline Fiddles, Gillian & Rebecca, J-Birds (also group contact), Julie & the Post-Modernists, JulieJonMari, Jon Cannon & Julie Metcalf (also group contact), Mierlita (also group contact), Moderatomobile (also group contact), Petrichor, Shver un Shviger, The Sunny Banks, Youth Festival Orchestra (non-performing group contact)
ERASETHIStheoceanistea AT gmail DOT com
+1-314-749-6902 (cell)
96 Richdale Ave. #2
Cambridge, MA 02140
Appeared at NEFFA 2017:
Irish Set DancingDB Friday April 21, 9:00pm to 10:05pm, Middle School Rm. 105/106 [show on grid]
Energetic Irish set dances interspersed with ceili dances.
Half the Notes, Twice the Fun! Jam for All InstrumentsGS Saturday April 22, 12:00noon to 12:50pm, Middle School Auditorium Stage [show on grid]
Join us (Julie Vallimont, Jon Cannon, and friends) to play wonderful tunes that just happen to not have many notes. Good for all levels. It's not a slow jam, but rather simple tunes at normal speed. Possibilities include jigs, polkas, slow reels, marches, French tunes, klezmer tunes, waltzes, and more. Bring a favorite tune to share!
Second Fiddle Rhythm & ChordsGS Saturday April 22, 6:00pm to 6:50pm, Middle School Auditorium Stage [show on grid]
Fiddlers: tired of playing the tune over and over? Let someone else take the melody and play some backup! Julie and Jon teach chord voicings and rhythms that can make a good fiddler into a great accompanist.
Klezmer JamGB Sunday April 23, 12:00noon to 12:50pm, Middle School Rm. 103/104 [show on grid]
Participatory playing of klezmer tunes, all instruments (and vocalists), all levels. Sheet music will be provided, including various klezmer forms: freylekhs, slow hora, bulgar, terkish, Yiddish swing, etc.

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